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Reviewers will assess all applicants based on financial need and professional development goals.

Point Assignment

          Scale of 1 to 15, with 1 being Poor and 15 being Excellent.

Category Points
Demonstration of Financial Need (45 pts)
Supporting documents __ 15 pts
Clear description of caregiver responsibilities __ 15 pts
Financial impact of caregiver responsibilities __ 15 pts
Professional Development Impact       (45 pts)
Clear description of professional development opportunity __ 15 pts
Detailed description of award impact __ 15 pts
Connection to overall career impact __ 15 pts
Overall Quality of Application (10 pts)
Total /100 pts

Demonstration of Financial Need: The applicant clearly explains how the funds will be used to demonstrate the need for this award.

Professional Development Impact: The applicant explains how the award will impact current and/or future professional development goals (i.e., research, attendance at conferences and workshops, certification programs, and/or committee involvement).